It could be very hard for you to survive every day if you are always depressed. There are times that you wanted to give up, but you can’t because of your family and the people supporting you. You have to think about the family that you need to feed and the people around you that keep on cheering you. There are times that we feel we are useless because we can’t do many things at the same time. There are tendencies as well that we feel stressed because of our family members. It is hard for us to stop ourselves from thinking.

This is very common if you are surrounded by people who don’t actually give a sympathy to your situation. Most of us can experience this kind of problem specially that we are alone. It is common to us that we feel vulnerable because of the depression that we cannot battle with. It is hard for us to go to work every single day because of the factors that gave us difficult times. It could be your co-worker or the management that you are not comfortable to work with. You also have to deal with a schedule that you are not comfortable to work. 

It can be very difficult for you to find a new job. It will give you something to think about before you resign. If you think that you have a plan to move forward and resign from this kind of job then you have to secure your future first. You need to know whether you can apply easily and get a job that you want. It is a nice thing as well that you try to focus on the things that can make you happy. You have to put yourself in a value everything that you have in your current job. Think the best for your workplace wellbeing. 

You can control the situation, then it is nice to focus more on the task and things that you can actually do better. It will help you to be more adaptable and be able to finish things on time. If there are things that you wanted to change or you cannot easily get the point, then you can always talk to your manager or supervisor. They are willing to listen to you and give you the advice that you need. They can also point out those things that you can actually do for the company. 

It is nice that you can take a vacation for yourself. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money for this one. We are aiming to have a piece of your mind. It is actually good for your mental health and even for your physical structure. You don’t need to worry about your work-related worries. You have to refresh your mind and try to think clearly about the words of opportunities and your work-related responsibilities. It will help you to understand even deeper about the things that you need to make it better. You can have a talk with your workmates so that it will make you feel that you’re not alone.