Do you have a great idea for a mobile app for your business? Perhaps you want to know how much it would cost you to develop that app.  

Well, unless you’ve got a detailed definition of the requirements of your app, nobody should start to estimate the overall development costs. 

However, several vital factors greatly affect the cost of app development. Today, we’re going to share with you what these factors are. 

So, before you look for an app development company in Canada, here are a couple of factors to think about: 

The Backend of the App 

Your app will be useless if it does not have a complementary backend to host the content and data. Almost all app projects include a feature of engineering work that enables the app to communicate with a backend.  

This can include a direct API built upon a cloud-based server, such as Azure or AWS. However, it may also include a middleware layer that extracts enterprise legacy data into a structure and makes it accessible to the application. 

Also, another factor that affects the costs of app development is the number of variables involved in the backend.  

Native and Cross-Platform 

You will also have to choose how you will build your app for the platform. A lot of businesses want to launch mobile applications for both iOS and Android.  

On several occasions, it makes sense to utilize cross-platform development tools to save engineering time. You can also lower your expenses when building several apps if you use mobile app platform thinking.  

The Platform for Your App 

Figuring out what platform to pick when developing an app has become more and more challenging today. The reason for this is that the number of app-powered devices is increasing. 

You can develop and design apps for traditional devices, such as iOS or Android, Google Home or Alexa, VRs, IoT products, and messaging platforms.  

Every single one of these platforms has extremely various methods for engineering and user experience design.  

Even if you are only planning to develop an app for mobile devices, iOS and Android are extremely different. The reason for this is that there are tons of various devices on Android. This can increase the development cost and testing on that platform. 

The Cost of External vs. Internal App Development Resources 

Various teams have various skills. Most app development companies usually include 4 phases in their development process. This includes strategy, design, engineering, and growth.  

However, a couple of businesses have internal teams with mobile experience to manage various pieces of a project. For instance, you might have a team that can define the app strategy and design. However, you require engineering help to create it.  

Perhaps you might require help with the strategy. However, you’ve got designers on your team to manage the UI work and user experience before giving it to the engineer.  

Even though your team does not have experience in mobile app development, you can still help with a couple of aspects to lower the cost of the development.